PAK-CDP Infrastructure

PAK-CDP Infrastructure and Background

  • Institutional Strengths

Pak-CDP has 81 experienced professional and support staff those are familiar with the local norms, tradition, culture and local languages and have good relations with local CBOs and people.

  • Assets of Pak-CDP:

Computers – 10

Fax Machine – 2

Photocopiers – 2

Electric Generators – 2

Vehicles – 6(Including Rental Vehicles)

  • Physical Resources:

Office building is located in University Town Peshawar having parking space for vehicles  Besides, Pak-CDP has 1 regional offices in Bannu.

  • Previous and existing donors of Pak-CDP:

All the above projects were implemented through the support of UNHCR, UNICEF, CRS, OXFAM, The Asia Foundation (USA), Water Aid (UK), SNPO (Swiss donor),CRS,  SAP (Govt. World Bank), NOVIB (Netherlands), Church of Peshawar (Diocese of Peshawar Development office), CIDA (Canadian donor), CIP and TVO (Pakistani donor),  Water Aid, Japan Embassy.

  • Relationship Development(Partnership):

Pak-CDP gives high value to development high level relationship with partner. This development is base line of the organization existence. The program department works closely with the high management to develop and maintain these relationships on mutual respect principal. Relationship development is refers to the gets into partnership with all the relevant stakeholders. This involves organizations (local NGOs, international NGOs, public, private), community, individuals and key stakeholders from civil society.

All these build relations/partnerships helps organization in shape of donations, funds, technical support, capacity building etc. The organization enjoyed and still enjoying high value partnership with UNHCR, UNICEF, CRS, OXFAM, The Asia Foundation (USA), Water Aid (UK), SNPO (Swiss donor),CRS,  SAP (Govt. World Bank), NOVIB (Netherlands), Church of Peshawar (Diocese of Peshawar Development office), CIDA (Canadian donor), CIP and TVO (Pakistani donor),  Water Aid, Japan Embassy.

  • PAK-CDP Departments:

Pak-CDP being professional organization has been working in a manner that totally reflects why success is stand alone with the organization. For effective implementation of all projects, organization works in a systematic manner through its strong departmental framework; these include:

  1. Program Department
  2. HR Department
  3. Admin & Logistics Department
  4. Finance Department
  5. Monitoring Evaluation, Research & Documentation Department
  6. Complaint Response Unit
  • OUR Policies and System:

At Pak-CDP we work under the policies and standard Operating Procedure (SOP) developed specifically for the effective and transparent operations of the organization. However, organization due adhere the donor policies as well for effective and transparent implementation of the projects.

Pak-CDP has developed and implement following policies at all levels.

  • SOP Manual Human Resources and Administrative Policies
  • Financial Policy Manual
  • Security Policy Manual
  • Travel Policy Manual
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Manual

For smooth operations of the organization these manuals are the touch stones. Working by these ensures transparency and increase accountability at all levels in and outside organization.

  • Human Resource at PAK-CDP:

Like organization rich experience, we have brilliant human resource with rich professional experience in humanitarian sector as well as in commercial sector. Along with experience the professionals are backed with strong educational background with highly recognized university of not only from Pakistan but from international university as well. Besides core staff project based hiring is done at time in transparent manners.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Pak-CDP has separate Monitoring and Evaluation section which works to monitor and evaluate each and every project separately and directly report to program staff. At Pak-CDP we take monitoring and evaluation very seriously that is why separate M & E manual is developed to review all the project activities against the project objectives. The M & E team develop unique mechanism for every project and employ it on field with the mutual understanding and consultation with donor.

  • Financial System & Audit:

Pak-CDP has strong financial system and practiced under the financial manual of the organization. The organization run by the donations received and implements all its projects through the partner’s grants and funding to effective projects. Since inception has put in place a number of procedures to ensure accountability to its members and donors. These procedures include: financial audits, administrative operations and procedures, human resource management policies etc. By adopting and adhering to high standards for accountability and transparency Pak-CDP has avoided suspicions of mismanagement and corruption that have hampered many other civil society organizations. The organization is managing funds of diversified donors and successfully satisfying their requirements and keeps it complete transparent.

The organization annual audit is conducted by the known auditor (chartered accountant firm) by the end of each finance year. We keep our account (receipts and payments) transparent so, that we gain high value and acceptance from all the stakeholders.

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